Gina T Fashion: Creating Custom Glamour

Updated: Mar 14

Your clothes are part of your individual style. When people see you for the first time, your fashion sense can play a big role in that first impression. These days, it can be difficult to find clothing as unique as you are. At Gina T Fashion, we are a one-stop shop for custom clothing, so you can make the right statement when it matters most.

Custom Clothing for Unique Clients

You have options when you shop for custom dresses, but Gina T Fashion stands out from the rest. Gina T, our founder and namesake, brings singular expertise and experience that are hard to find. She is a fashion designer, model, runway coach, and businesswoman. Gina has worked in and around all aspects of the fashion industry, and her informed perspective translates to great work for you.

At Gina T Fashion, we know what it takes to be a high-end clothier. We create top-quality custom dresses for special occasions. When you are our client, you are our top priority.

Our Process

With each dress we create, we follow a multi-step, personalized process. We begin with a consultation to discuss your needs and design your dream garment. After you are happy with your design, we buy the fabric for your dress and take your measurements. Because we take exact measurements for each made-to-order piece, you can be sure your dress will fit you perfectly.