5 Events Fit for Custom Fashion

Updated: Mar 14

Are you a fashionista who loves to dress to the nine for black-tie events? Or maybe you have a once-in-a-lifetime event — a wedding — approaching and want to make a stunning entrance.

There are certain circumstances that absolutely call for only an outfit created by a custom fashion designer. Let’s examine a few of them that might be upcoming on your calendar.

  1. Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look as desirable as possible on her wedding day. But that is not always possible when you buy your gown off-the-rack. Sure, alterations can be made, but nothing will look as good as a custom-fitted wedding gown draped over your curves.

You will be glad you chose a custom fashion designer wedding gown when he glimpses you making your way down the aisle.

2. You Are Going to a Ball

You can be a modern-day Cinderella, but instead of a fairy godmother, you have a custom fashion designer ready to dress you. Your designer will arrange a consultation where you can describe your ball gown design preferences, make your fabric choices, and have your measurements taken.

If you lose or gain a few pounds, don’t stress out about it because there will be a later fitting. Alterations can be made when necessary so that when you walk into that black-tie crowd in your custom-designed ball gown, all eyes will be on the entrance you make.

3. You Are Chairing a Fundraiser

Here’s a little secret — if you want people to open up their wallets at your fundraiser, you should dress as if wealth becomes you. A custom-designed outfit sends the message that you are no stranger to wealth management and donors’ funds will be safe under your stewardship.

Whether it’s a well-tailored suit that snugly hugs all the right curves or a custom-designed pantsuit, you will command the attention of all whom you approach.

4. You Are Stepping Out at a Premier

Hollywood may be calling! You can believe that the stars you will encounter will all be clad in custom fashion designer outfits — and you can be, too.

After all, don’t you deserve to look your very best at these special moments in your life? We at Gina T Fashion believe that you do!

5. You Are Hosting a Huge Party

Imagine the horror of hosting the biggest party of the year only to see one or more guests steal your thunder by looking better in your off-the-rack outfit than you do. To avoid any possibility of “Who Wore It Better?” banter circulating among your guests, make sure that you are clad only in a custom fashion designer creation.

You Deserve to Splurge

There are times to tighten our belts and be conservative and there are times we should celebrate and splurge. When you have a major upcoming event like the ones above and more, go ahead and invest in a one-of-a-kind, customer fashion designer gown or outfit. You will never regret your decision!

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