Meet Gina T

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 “Think outside the box, but not only that: create your own box if no one else will.” - Gina T.


Gina is a multi-talented fashion designer, licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist with over 26 years of collective experience in fashion and beauty industries.


She is a native of South Carolina, but raised in Detroit, Michigan, where during her youth discovered a love for fashion and design while strategically redesigning the clothing in her closet.

Similar, but distinguished from other designers, Gina embraced her passion for fashion and expressed creativity as a model, entrepreneur and executive producer.


As a professional model she blazed local and worldwide runways. While traveling, she was disturbed by the demeaning environment many models were exposure to, and witnessed how they were taken advantage of because of their beauty, therefore limiting their dreams of success.


To create the change she wanted to see, Gina passionately developed as an entrepreneur to empower over 5,000 models through the creation of runway shows, mentoring, coaching and teaching professionalism and success techniques. In addition to her creative endeavors, she created the “Shades of Essence Modeling Academy” after realizing models in Detroit needed a means to become self-sufficient and have autonomy over their careers.


Noted models, designers, makeup artists and photographers that began their career working with Gina T have sky-rocketed to success. This is a testament of her expertise as a stellar designer, innovator and female entrepreneur. Currently, Gina T is a designer and entrepreneur, runway coach, model, actress, photographer, videographer and graphic artist.